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Get Your Chimney Inspected Before Your Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here! Ballgames to watch, holidays to spend with the family and all those little jobs around the home that you have been putting off all year. There's one other thing that you might want to take care of before you go off on your summer vacation... your annual chimney inspection. We know that you won't be using your fireplace or chimney over the summer. But a dirty chimney can only mean one thing, there will be even more dirt buildup and an even mustier smell when the temperatures go up later this summer and in the fall when they cool off.
Chimneys can really smell over time and this can happen to your chimney experiences water leaks due to heavy rains. The toxic mix of water ashes cause a musty odor that you will be able to smell all through your home.
Another reason that you should get your chimney cleaned is for the peace of mind that you'll have knowing that a professional chimney sweep hasn't found any carbon monoxide or CO in your home. CO is found in fumes produced any time your burn fuel in your home for example when you use a grill, fireplace, gas range or furnace. You can prevent CO buildup by leaving your windows open which will circulate the air and ventilate your home. But many people run their air conditioning in the summer and leave their windows closed. CO can poison people and animals who breathe it.
There is another reason that you should schedule your chimney cleaning and inspection now. Birds, racoons and squirrels seeking for a shelter tend to  find chimneys attractive because they are confined spaces. Animal droppings accumulate and make the odors that much stronger. If animals get trapped and you happen to light a fire, then the odors will be even stronger. It's important that animals are removed before that happens. We always deodorize a chimney and fireplace after they have been cleaned.
When you have your chimney cleaned by one of our experienced technicians we perform a full inspection. If we notice any damage such as a cracked chimney liner or water penetration we can fix it immediately. It's much easier to repair chimneys during the warmer months when the weather allows the materials to bond and cure more efficiently. Chimney fires can occur within the blink of an eye. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission each year there are 22,300 residential chimney fires that take place in the fireplace, chimney and chimney connector. The advantage of getting your chimney cleaned and inspected now is that you won't have to worry about this happening to you.
And the best reason of all to call American Fireplace today at 1-855-497-2446 is that you won't have to wait for an appointment! We service Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas including Beaumont, Brenham, College Station, Galveston, Katy, Kingswood, Lake Jackson, The Woodlans, Richmond, Spring and Sugar Land. We'll inspect your chimney as soon as we can get out to your home.
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