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Protective Glass Enclosures Increase Fireplace Safety

While cozying up to a warm fire on a cold night is a great idea, some of us tend to take for granted that everybody knows how to keep a safe distance from the fireplace. And it isn’t just toddlers and small animals have been known to forget the rules. On occasion an adult or two has been known to get a little too close to the fireplace for comfort.

We feel fortunate that we do business with Thermo Rite Inc. the original manufacturer of the tempered glass fireplace enclosure that was founded in 1942 in Akron, Ohio. They held the first patent for tempered glass fireplace enclosures and they still manufacture here in the USA. The wonderful thing about working with a partner like Thermo Rite is that if a stock door just won’t do the job, they can custom-make a glass fireplace enclosure to suit any specifications. Both stock fireplace enclosures and custom made fireplace enclosure options include anodized aluminum, steel, solid brass and brass- plated steel.

Thermo-Rite’s products come in four convenient categories Standard Zero Clearance and the Custom Zero Clearance for fireplaces that can have combustible building material positioned right up against the body of the fireplace and the Standard Masonry as well as Custom Masonry for brick fireplaces.

There are two products that can be used for the Zero Clearance models, the Z-Decor which is an anodized aluminum enclosure with a 3/4? wide frame. It is available as an inside fit only.  The advantage of this product is that the air space is allowed on the sides, top, bottom or combination to provide the same air flow as the manufacturer of the zero clearance fireplaces. Then there are the Z-Doors which are made as inside fits that use Air Studs™ or an Air Draft Bar™ to elevate the frame so that it maintains the cooling air intakes located inside the firebox. In most applications there is an air space between the outside of the enclosure and the firebox opening. The Z-Door is a sleek, full-framed, tarnish free anodized aluminum enclosure.

While there are 8 different enclosures that are manufactured for standard masonry fireplaces, the one that catches our eye is the Regal which is Thermo-Rite’s most popular brass plated enclosure. It features 2 coats of baked-on lacquer and this exclusive Regal feature is only one of many that give it a lifetime of tarnish-free beauty. The Door Styles that it can be used with are CV2 bi-fold tracked doors or FS2 bi-fold full swing trackless doors. It comes in standard glass with 1/4? tempered bronze colored glass that comes with a lifetime warranty. Its glass options include Standard Glass (grey, clear or bronze), Beveled Glass (bronze, grey or clear) and Mirrored Glass which is available only in bronze. It comes with optional riser bars that fit under the enclosure and are used with stock doors to increase the height of the enclosure.

The Custom Standard Zero Clearance (7) and Custom Masonry (19) versions offer much variety and choice because of their customizability. While I can’t say that I have a favourite, I love them all equally, my customers have a strong preference for the Classic. The Classic is Thermo-Rite’s first and most versatile “Track & Glass in Frame” enclosure. With a solid brass, ultra-slim 1? frame, the Classic includes solid brass overlay and return on a tubular aluminum frame.The Classic is ideal for a custom look and fit on any fireplace. It has sliding fasteners located in a channel on the back of frame for mounting. It offers a “top cap” look. There are returns on the sides. Maximum overlap on height without a mesh is 1 3/4?.

Whichever model catches your eye give us a call and we’ll order it today. For a full description of each of their products, please visit

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