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How a Professional Chimney Sweep Rebuilds a Chimney or Fireplace

There are many reasons that a homeowner chooses to have his or her chimney rebuilt. Sometimes itís because they are remodeling and they want their fireplace to match their new interior design. And sometimes itís because the masonry chimney is crumbling due to age or the structure has been damaged due to a chimney fire. In any case itís very important that you hire a professional because rebuilding a chimney isnít easy to do. A professional chimney sweep will be able to handle all types of fireplace and chimney rebuilding services including chimney repair, chimney crown repair, chimney rebuilding, chimney brick replacement, chimney flue repair or replacement, and tuck pointing.

When your chimney sweep arrives at your home, he'll set up the scaffolds and sheets will be placed around the chimney to limit the mess and prevent debris from falling down. He'll then remove the chimney crown and demolish the chimney from the exterior of the home. As you can imagine a significant amount of work  has to be performed as the chimney sweep has to carefully remove all of the bricks and mortar as well as the crown. Once the outside has been torn down, heíll return to the inside of the home and begin the demolition the interior of the chimney. Depending on the fireplace that youíve selected and whether or not you have to replace the whole chimney, this step can take a good amount of time. But I assure you that in the end it will be time well spent.

After the inside of the home and the fireplace has been remodeled; the chimney sweep will ensure that he has cleaned it up accordingly and return to the outside of the home to begin bricklaying for the new chimney. Once again the amount of time that this step takes will depend on the experience of the chimney sweep. The chimney flue will be visible at this point, however after the chimney has been rebuilt, it will be concealed by the bricks. The chimney sweep will lay the bricks and spread mortar in the joints in order to ensure that the chimney structure is solid. He most likely will envelope the base of the chimney with flashing or sheet metal that will protect against water entering the chimney. Finally, heíll either install a metal chimney cap or build a cement cap to keep birds and animals from creating a home in your chimney.

Itís very important that correct safety precautions be followed when rebuilding a chimney. If the weather isnít nice or if someone slips, falling from a second story roof can be fatal. American Fireplace Inc. chimney cleaning, chimney remodeling and rebuilding and residential air duct cleaning services. For more than 20 years, American Fireplace has served customers in Houston, Texas (TX) and the surrounding areas including Beaumont, Brenham, College Station, Galveston, Katy, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, Woodlands, Richmond, Spring and Sugarland. American Fireplace Inc., We Care about Your Air!

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