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Signs That Your Chimney Needs To Be Repaired

The winter is slowly coming to an end in some parts of the US and some homeowners will be closing up their fireplaces until next year.  If you think that because you donít use your fireplace, or in some cases youíve switched to a gas insert, that you might not need to worry about chimney repairs. Not so fast. Unless youíre using your fireplace on a regular basis itís easy to put aside any chimney repairs that you werenít planning for. After all you wonít be lighting another fire until next year. But the longer that you put it off youíre increasing the risk of major issues down the road.  Here are a couple of signs that you should get your chimney and fireplace looked at.

If the cap on your chimney is missing then you should get this taken care of as soon as possible. You just have to go outside and do a quick visual inspection, looking to see if your cap is still there. In the Houston area we can experience high winds on occasion causing the cap to blow off. With the rainy season on the horizon, your chimney could become a habitat for birds and small raccoons not to mention sticks and leaves that can find their way into your chimney.  Over time the accumulation can cause chimney fires.

The chimney crown or the concrete slab at the top of a masonry chimney also has a tendency to crack over time.  It becomes a great spot for rain to come into your chimney and can cause mildew, mold other damages.

Mortar joints on the exterior of your chimney can also get damaged since their exposed to the elements such as water, rain and wind. Not to mention the freezing and thawing that takes place causing large cracks over time and may lead to a chimney collapse.

Another problem area occurs when there is a white powdered substance or discoloration to the outside of your chimney. This is your chimney telling you that you need more than a regular cleaning. Efflorescence, a white crystalline deposit on the bricks of your masonry chimney occurs when there is water intrusion.

You might also have a rusted damper or firebox which occurs when you have difficulty opening and closing your damper. Usually this symptom starts higher up with the cap, crown or mortar joint issues. If not resolved effectively it can result in a cracked flue lining which can be dangerous, risking of a house fire. If you think that you might have this problem; a complete chimney is the best experience.

All of American Fireplaceís technicians have been properly trained and are fully qualified to give a thorough inspection of your chimney system and suggest the best solution for you. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and our ability to deliver the right solution for you.

Feel free to give us a call for more information about chimney repair services. At American Fireplace, We Care about Your Air.

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