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Which Fireplace Mantel is Right for You?


Fireplaces are more than just a functional heat source in a home. Families gather around the fireplace to share stories and catch up with one another. And while a fireplace will function without a mantel, itís just not as cozy. A mantel gives the owner the freedom to decorate the hearth area. Fireplace mantels, mantelpieces or chimneypiece have been around since the medieval times when they were used to catch the smoke over the fireplace. Over the years mantels also include the decorative framework around the fireplace, as well as ornate designs that rise to the ceiling. Mantels refer to the jambs (which support the chimney breast) the mantel shelf, and other external accessories of a fireplace. And while mantels arenít as significant in terms of their practicality due to modern heating methods; they can still be considered one of the most artistic features in the room.

American Fireplace carries Premier Mantels,fireplace mantels, Americaís premier mantel company. Based in a state-of the art 50,000 sq. ft. facility located in Florence, Alabama, Premier Mantels uses the best materials possible for all the large flat mantel parts. Premier Mantels are made with MDF (medium density fibercore) covered with a wood veneer rather than solid lumber that wonít warp, split or cup. American Fireplace is one of the eight distributors in Texas that you can purchase a Premier Mantel.

Each mantel is built by an experienced skilled craftsman who stamps his/her name on the back of each mantel they build. Built right here in the USA, the men and women at Premier mantels take pride in their work.

If youíve decided on selecting a mantel for your fireplace, there are a lot of styles and features to choose from including Traditional, Executive, Prestige, Thin Stone, Prime Time, Contemporary series as well as Mantel shelves, American Mantels and the Interchangeable. In terms of colors, you can have you can chose almost any wood type or finish for your mantel.  The wide range of wood types include poplar to paint, poplar to stain, pine, oak, cherry, maple and other species that are available upon request. For the finish of your mantel you can chose from Red Mahogany on Oak, Cherry Wood with Red Mahogany Finish, Cherry Finish on Cherry Wood, Clear Finish on Oak, Golden Oak on Oak, Maple with Clear Finish, Maple with Fruitwood Finish, Pickled Maple, Pickled Oak, Pickled Poplar Cherry Wood w/Provincial Finish and Oak Wood with Provincial Finish.

Aside from the wood type and finish youíll have to take size and installation requirements into consideration. You can certainly purchase your Premier Mantel from us and install it yourself or we can install it for you. Whichever you prefer, weíll do our best to help you out. Give us a call today and let us help you pick the best mantel for your fireplace.

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